GPT3 to help customer support agents prepare accurate responses quickly

Get answers to customer questions quickly without having to search endless documentation, knowledge based, tickets are other sources.

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An AI Co-Worker for you customer support agents

Twig is an AI layer that works on top of your existing customer suport applications. Twig helps your support agents respond quickly to customers with better responses.

Technology for better CX

We use the latest AI has to offer to make every support agent a super star.

AI Recommended Responses

AI scans through all your documentation, knowledge bases, support tickets etc to provide a recommended responce


Citations help you know that the reponse is accurate and increases trust.

Feedback loops

AI betters itself by learning from your agents .

Solving key problems

Improving agent productivity keeping high quality CSAT is critical to every CX organization.

Agent Productivity

Replace busy work with human empathy.

Improve Standards

Brings higher minimum standards on response quality.

Sentiment Analytics

Helps agents notice potential risks in reponses.